Thursday, February 20, 2014

African Dry Martini

I recently finished reading the latest James Bond book entitled Solo written by William Boyd. Throughout the novel, there are many booze, wine and cocktail references but one in particular stood out to me. Bond is in the fictional African country of Zanzarim with former CIA agent Felix Leiter. They are in a bar in hotel the town known as Port Dunbar when Bond has the following conversation with the waiter:
'Do you have gin?' he asked.
'Yes, sar. We have everything now. Gordon’s or Gilbey’s.'
'Good. Bring me a bottle of Gordon’s, two glasses, a bucket of ice and some limes. Do you have limes?'

The ingredients were brought to their table. Bond filled the glasses to the brim with ice then poured a liberal few slugs of gin on to the ice and squeezed the juice of half a lime into each glass. ‘It’s called an African dry martini,’
Now at quick glance this is basically a Gin Rickey without the club soda and a Gin Gimlet without the sweetener of Rose's Lime Juice. But since I am game I decided to make it as the book states. Here is my rendition of the African Dry Martini:
African Dry Martini
2oz of Bombay Sapphire Gin
Juice of Half a lime

Build over an ice filled glass. Stir.
Now I know James Bond is a professional drinker but this is one ass kicker of a drink. The first swig kicks you in the mouth. The second one isn't so bad (probably because my mouth is numb LOL) but is still strong. Bond puts down at least three of these as he runs down his version to Felix of what happened.

I used Bombay Sapphire. I can only imagine how much stronger this cocktail would be if I used Gordon's or Gilbey's as was available at the bar in Port Dunbar. As it is I'm already sweating after one cocktail.

I guess I'll leave the African Dry Martini to Mr. Bond.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla