Monday, July 25, 2016

This Week in Home Cocktailing July 17, 2016

I was planning to do make a French 75 in honor of Bastille Day on July 14th, but the tragic events in Nice, France put those plans on hold. While I'll make the French 75 cocktail at a later date, I did make a return to the combination of Vodka and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur when I added Espresso to the mix.

As you can see in the following video, on July 8th I added a handful of Espresso beans to about five ounces of Tito's Vodka, shook it and put it away for a few days. Check it out:

Fast forward to July 17th and I opened the jar with the infusion and took in a marvelous whiff of Espresso. The infusion tasted divine and had a very dark, almost inky black color to it.

Here is the recipe card with the cocktail that I made with the Espresso Infused Tito's Vodka and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur:

Sorry for the attempt at a fancy name. I make enough Java and Mocha named drinks at the cafe that the names stick with you. But for the cocktail, I deviated from the recipe card by adding half an ounce of half and half for some added creaminess. The addition of the half and half made the difference. I like the combination of the espresso and chocolate flavors. And that's saying something. I am not a fan of the flavor that cold coffee has.

People at work look at me weird when I tell them that I don't like iced coffee or any of the coffee flavored blended drinks. As hot as NYC is now, if I want to drink coffee, it has to be hot. But the combination in this cocktail works. The next attempt will be with using coffee ice cubes as the "rocks" in a cocktail. Here is the video I posted upon tasting the cocktail for the first time.

For my next post, I'll be honoring two of my favorite authors whose birthdays land in the same week. In addition, I'll be putting together a quick infusion to celebrate National Tequila Day.

Well, that's it for now. I'm looking forward to seeing what cocktails this upcoming week has in store.

Until Then Happy Drinking,