Sunday, January 29, 2017

What is Hennessy Paradis

Hello gals and guys. I know its been a while since I've posted anything. I've been busy adjusting to a new position at work so I've been laying off the booze (aside from the occasional tipple) to keep my mind clear. But a few weeks back, I went out to brunch with Momma-San and a few friends to the Pine Bar+Grill loctaed at 1634 Eastchester Rd, Bronx, NY 10461 (718) 319-0900. As I was persuing the cocktail menu, I came across a listing that caught my attention. Here is what I saw.

Looking through the "After Dinner" section of the cocktail menu, I saw that an 1.5oz serving of Hennessy Paradis cost a cool $230 dollars. Now you might say "Hey wait, the Remy Martin Louis XIII for the same size costs $40 dollars more." That is true, but I'm familiar with the Louis XIII. I can't say I've ever remembered hearing about the Hennessy Paradis. So with that in mind, here is what I found out about said Hennessy Paradis.

Going to the source, the Hennessy website describes the Paradis as so:

Paradis is named after the special section in the Hennessy aging cellars where the finest, rarest, and oldest eaux-de-vie are carefully guarded. Created in 1979, the blend was conceived to be superlative yet subtle, making some of Hennessy’s most precious spirits widely available for the first time.
Possessed of rich successive aromas that only a great Cognac can obtain, Paradis reveals its delicate and velvety character, hinting at the silky texture that will follow. Its subtle texture allows it to gracefully blossom with a deep and fragrant persistence.
A further description comes from the Dan Murphy's online liquor store website's listing for the Hennessy Paradis:
Perfectly harmonious in the mouth, Hennessy Paradis Extra reveals itself to be smooth, full-bodied and long-lasting on the palate. A blend of over 100 'eaux-de-vie' and aged alongside other great 'eaux-de-vie's of its generation. Paradis is the realisation of a dream by its creator, Maurice Fillioux, using spirit blended by his grandfather. The tradition continues today to select spirits that will taste every bit as powerful and elegant in 4 generations time.
The cognac comes in a 750ml bottle and retails in the $800 dollar range. That has to be some really good cognac. That is way too rich for my blood. It was even rich for me when I was bartending, let alone now. But hey, if you have that kind of cash to spend on a cognac, rock on.

Anyone want to share their experiences with the Hennessy Paradis?

Until Then Happy Drinking,