Friday, February 15, 2013

The Fraternal Twin Shot

Myron and I were on the hunt for a few Mardi Grad cocktails this past Fat Tuesday and sadly we were quite unsuccesful. We were slated to meet at Sugarfreak in Astoria but Myron walked in right before Midnight only to be told that they were closing for the evening. Quite the disappointment. So we ended up at Broadway Station instead.

We were just chilling out having a few different beers when the bartended suggested we try out The Black Velvet Toasted Caramel. If you remember, I wrote a few posts on Black Velvet Whiskey which is from Canada a few months ago. After smelling the Toasted Caramel, we decided to each have one with a few rocks. How can I describe it? One word: DECADENT!!!!!!!

You couldn't even tell that this was a whiskey. The taste of caramel was amazing but not overly sweet. Naturally as my name sake states, I decided to have a shot mixed up with some Vanilla Vodka and the Black Velvet Toasted Caramel. Here is the Recipe:

The Fraternal Twin
Equal Parts of Vanilla Vodka (Absolut Vanilla) and Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whiskey.

Build over ice and shake. Pour into shot glasses.
As Myron described the shot: it felt as if you were hit by two waves of flavor. First the Vanilla then the Caramel. It was a indeed a tasty shot. As you can see from the picture, we were certainly happy to try it. But where did the name come from.

Myron wanted to call it a Twix shot but it didn't have any chocolate flavoring. So I say how about calling it a Twin Shot and Myron said "why not call it a fraternal twin shot since you had equal parts of Vanilla Vodka and Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whiskey". Works for me.

Though we didn't find the Mardi Gras cocktails we set out to find, the night was still a Laisse le bon temps rouler kind of night. Good times indeed. But I still need to find me a Sazerac.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla