Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sexy Sadie at Merc Bar

The second cocktail I endulged in while at Merc Bar (151 Mercer Street, NY NY) could be described as being the opposite to The Aviation cocktail that I profiled in my last post. Where the Aviator was pleasing and balanced, the next cocktail was higher up of the sweetness scale.

The cocktail called the Sexy Sadie called for a simple mix of vodka, elderflower, pear and blackcurrant liqueur. Blackcurrants are a shrub that is native to Europe and parts of Asia and most popularly used in various forms in Eastern Europe and Russia. The blackcurrants are used in the form of the Creme de Cassis that one would normally see grouped together with the schnapps behind the bar and often used in such popular cocktails as a Kir Royale (Creme de Cassis/Champagne) and a Cassis Orange (Creme de Cassis/Orange Juice).

For this cocktail, Merc Bar uses a brand known as Mathilde Cassis for this cocktail. Here is how Mathilde describes their Mathilde Cassis (aka Malthilde Blackcurrant):
Known since the 18th century as the "Elixir of Life" black currant liqueur is made in several regions of France, though some of the best black currants are to be found in Burgundy. The two varieties used to make Mathilde Cassis are the Noir de Bourgogne and the Blackdown. Noir de Bourgogne has excellent taste qualities and the reputation of being the best black currant to eat. Blackdown is a soft, sweet variety. A long steeping period ensures a perfect balance between alcohol and fruit.
The liqueur is relatively mild at 32 proof (16% alc/vol). Here is the ingredients for the cocktail known as the Sexy Sadie:
Sexy Sadie
Grey Goose Poire Vodka (though used regular Grey Goose)
Elderflower liqueur
Pear purée
Mathilde black currant liqueur
As I alluded to in my introduction, this cocktail (as compared to the Aviation cocktail) was higher up on the sweetness scale. I found this cocktail to be very aromatic and flavorful. The scent and flavors of the pear dominate the cocktail. It gives it a very fresh taste to the tongue. Though the cocktail book called for Grey Goose Poire Vodka, I think using the flagship Grey Goose Vodka keeps it very natural. I think using the Grey Goose Poire along with the pear purée would be overkill. As it is I think it is sweet enough. The blackcurrant liqueur was a nice touch both in favor and color as you can see in the picture. I think Momma San and my sister would like this one over the Aviator while I actually prefer the Aviator. While I like pears, the pear after taste of the Sexy is a bit much for me.

That was the last cocktail that I had at Merc Bar before heading out to work. For my next post, I visited a bar that one of my regulars claimed was probably the only real adult bar on the west side of Bleecker Street called GMT Tavern.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla