Thursday, November 7, 2013

What is Sabra Liqueur

In the same vein of my prior posts on the Peanut Lolita and Cherry Kijafa, I was recently looking for classic liquor ads when I came across the following ad for Sabra Liqueurs. Now I vaguely remembered that Marvel Comics has a character called Sabra who is an Israeli super spy. I decided to check and see if this liqueur was Israeli in origin.

Since this is a somewhat obscure liqueur, I decided to look for sources at the Wikipedia pages for Sabra Liqueurs. One of the sources linked to the article Liqueur rebranding "Sabra" and professional wine exhibition which was written in Hebrew. Thank goodness for modern technology, I was able to read the information in the article through the Google Translate app. Here is what the article states about Sabra Liqueur (as translated from Hebrew by Google Translate):
Sabra liqueur - rebranding. In the sixties, in fact in 1963, it was Edgar Bronfman comes with the need to generate visited Israel be identified with Israel, but will run successfully with liqueurs and spirits abroad. Bronfman controlled the liquor in one of the largest - Seagram - produced quite a few international alcohol brands familiar and important.
The liqueur was the brainchild of Edgar Bronfman Sr., of Seagrams fame to create a liqueur that was Israeli in essence, name and look. So what is the liqueur made of?

According to the Sabra Liqueur listing on the Woodland Hills Wine Company website:
Sabra chocolate orange liqueur is perhaps the most famous liqueur produced in Israel. The primary flavor of Sabra is a rich, bittersweetish (sic) chocolate. The dense chocolate is cut with the sweet and sour taste of Jaffa oranges. This citrus addition gives Sabra an extra kick that chocolate doesn't have. The Sabra bottle is reminiscent of a genie bottle in shape. Slightly chilling Sabra liqueur strengthens the chocolate feel, while slightly warming it brings out the citrus tones.
In addition, the Cocktails of the World website describes it as so:
Sabra Chocolate Orange Liquor: It is a liquor that combines chocolate, and zest of orange peel. The chocolate flavor is from a percolation of neutral spirit through ground roasted cocoa beans to which natural orange flavor is added. This liquor is presented in a geenie (sic) like bottle based on a 2,000 year old Phoenician wine flask found in a Tel Aviv museum. It is great as a mixer or as an after meal liquor.
The original blend of chocolate and orange came in a 750 ml bottle which was imported from Israel and it was Kosher for Passover at Alc. 30% by vol./60 Proof. There is also the Sabra Coffee Liqueur which is also Kosher for Passover at Alc. 30% by vol./60 Proof. The Sabra Coffee Liquor is described by the Cocktails of the World website as such:
Sabra Coffee Liquor: It is a silky, smooth, with a toasty coffee flavor and hints of vanilla liquor, medium bodied and well balanced. It is made by a percolation of neutral spirit through ground coffee beans
The Wikipedia listing also claims that in 2006 an Orange Brandy was launched within the Sabra line but I have yet to find anything pertinent on it. Have any of you out there ever have either of the blends? What did you think? I guess I'll have to add Sabra to the list of the liquor/liqueurs that I need to keep an eye open for.

I have a whole slew of cocktails and liquors that I have in the pipe to write about from the classic Martinez, to minimalist Japanese influenced cocktails to the "brown vodka" which is known to the rest of us as Canadian Club Whisky. As I find myself with a little time, they'll be posted.

Until Then Happy Drinking
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