Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Taste of Oregon in New York City Part II

As I mentioned in my last post entitled A Taste of Portland in New York City Part I, I had a mother and daughter duo come into the bar last Sunday to watch Game 1 of the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets. When the game went into overtime, she decided that she wanted a cocktail and ordered a Colorado Bulldog. I could only shrug when I told her that I had never heard of it. She described the ingredients as being the equal parts of vodka, kahlua, half and half and a splash of coke. Lucky for her we had some Half and Half in the fridge.

Here is how the Colorado Bulldog cocktail is prepared courtesy of Steve Calabro from the Bartending Bootcamp YouTube channel:

I asked her if she wanted it shaken and she preferred that I didn't shake it, unlike how it was done in the video. This is basically a White Russian with coke added. Why? Honestly I don't know. I decided to look a little deeper to see if I can find out where this cocktail comes from.

I came across David Herpin's article from the entitled Colorado Bulldog from November 6, 2010. In said article, Herpin states:
This drink is a direct descendant of the White Russian and appears as early as:

Le Grand Mixology International Bartenders Guide by James W. Johnson in 1978

"Colorado Bulldog - Vodka, KahlĂșa, Heavy Cream, and Coca-Cola"

It is difficult to determine whether this drinks name derives from the Colorado State University Mascot or The breed of dog.
The current mascot for CSU is the Aggie Ram, which the article states has been so since 1945. As Herpin states, its hard to say whether this cocktail was named after the dog.

By the way, the dog bears a similar look to the Pit Bull Terrier, though the Colorado Bulldog Club of America makes it clear that this breed of dog is not the same as a Pit Bull Terrier. If you want more infomation of the Colorado Bulldog breed, click here: Colorado Bulldog Club of America. Back to the cocktail.

I thought to myself: Who can I make this cocktail for. Hmmmmm. Who else would like to try this out for me than the Mayor of the Bleecker Street Bar: The Kahuna himself.

Not surprisingly the Mayor liked the drink. Said that it was "tasty". Actually, I have to agree with him. The little taste of it that I had was indeed quite tasty. The addition of Coke gave it a nice light bubbly feel. Not sure how many of these I can have, but one every once in a while would work out. Thanks again to the lovely ladies of Oregon who were kind enough to visit us and introduce me to two new cocktails that I can add to my arsenal.

For my next post, I have a variation of a Disaronno Sour that I made based on another variation of a Disaronno Sour.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla