Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Drip-Along Daffy (1951)

With all the comments based on the events that led to my Liquid Cocaine Cocktail post and a side tangent on whether or not real men like cowboys from the Wild West put ice in their scotch whisky, I somehow ended up gravitating to this Looney Toons cartoon starring Daffy Duck as a western hero showing up to a one-horse town to clean things up. His arrival leads him to conflict at the bar with the most wanted man in town: Nasty Canasta. Inspiration comes the weirdest of places folks. On to the bar.

Daffy and Nasty square off at the bar when Nasty orders what he calls his "usual". Now as a former bartender, we learn what our regular patrons like to drink and the bartender in the cartoon is no exception. He even has the necessary bar tools to make Nasty's drink.

This is some serious mixology folks. Sitting in an asbestos lined case on the top shelf are bottles of Cobra Fang Juice, Hydrogen Bitters and Old Panther. I guess bartenders in the Wild West were whipping up craft cocktails using exotic ingredients. As we see, the bartender gets to work on Nasty's drink.

This drink is so strong, that the drops coming from the layering are searing the bar. No wonder he wears a welder's mask and heavy duty gloves to hold the tongs!!!

Here is why cowboys never used ice in their drinks. Those concoctions were so potent that the ice cubes would jump out and extinguish themselves in the water bucket reserved to putting out fires. That's some serious heat.

Daffy is in awe of the boiling cocktail and just tells Nasty "You wouldn't dare." To which Nasty takes up the challenge and doesn't even bat an eyelash as he chugs away. His hat does a flip but that is only effect the cocktail has on the big man. 

Canasta only smiles as he demands that Daffy drink. In a move that I personally witness on more than one occasion, Daffy pawns his drink off to an unsuspecting friend, in this case it is Deputy Porky that is offered a free drink. As with those unsuspecting friends I saw, Deputy Porky is not one to say no to a free drink and proceeds to polish off the drink.

With nary an ill effect, and to the chagrin of Daffy, Porky walks away wiping his mouth. Daffy has the look on his face that says "Well if that schmuck can do the drink, why can't I" as he bangs on the bar to get the bartender's attention for another one of Canasta's "Usual". As we are prone to do while behind the bar, if the customer orders it, they get it.

Daffy chugs away and then the drinks kicks in on both himself and Deputy Porky.

After hitting the floor, flying to the ceiling, Daffy drifts down telling Canasta "I hate you." I'm sure I had many a customer say the same about me as they were nursing their next-day hangovers. LOL. Ah the memories of bar shifts gone by.

Here is the Drip-Along Daffy cartoon in its entirety:

That was a fun post. I have to remember to do more of these in the future. 

Until Then Happy Drinking,