Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cocktails At ACME NYC

Melvin and I decided to do a little pre-party cocktailing this past Sunday night. We originally decided on meeting at the Library at the Public but between my getting delayed on the subway and to an early closing at the Library at the Public for a private event, I met up with him, his wife Dawn and our friend Dana at ACME instead. Now I remember the old ACME cajun restaurant and music venue from back in the day. Let's say this newer ACME is definitely not the old ACME. This place is simply beautiful and surprisingly for a Sunday evening the place was busy and the atmosphere just buzzed.

Though the bar is not very big, the selection of spirits is amazing. The bartender (who I have met in the past from his coming to the bar with the ACME folks) showed me the leather bound book of spirits that they have on hand. The spirits ranged from various entries per spirit and was a very international blend of spirits that seemed to come from every corner of the world. Since we were going to have dinner at Mayahuel, we decided to keep out cocktails in the Tequila and Mezcal families. On the House Cocktails menu, there were a few selections that fit our desire to stay within the Tequila and Mezcal families.

The first cocktail I ordered was probably my favorite. The Pedron was a nice spicy blend of Tequila made with Pueblo Viejo Tequila, Cholula hot sauce, fresh Grapefruit juice, lime and orange bitters. I especially loved the salt and pepper rim on the glass that just gave the cocktail a nice crunchy texture.

El Pedron
The second cocktail was a cocktail made by the bartender called Napoleon's Loss. This cocktail was a very simple but tasty cocktail that was made with Tequila Reposado, Lemon Juice, Honey Syrup and a Mezcal floater on the top which made for a smoky but slightly sweet cocktail. Very light on the tongue.

Napoleon's Loss
My third cocktail was something different from what I have ever tried. I picked the Green Tomato Margarita and was not disappointed. The cocktail was made from a green tomato-infused El Jimador Tequila, lime and agave with a salt rim. As with the previous two cocktails, the use of simple and minimal ingredients made for a very pleasant cocktail experience. I like the flavor that seemed to pop from the green tomato infusion. It came across as very earthy and full bodied (if I can use that term to describe the cocktail). It wasn't your standard Margarita and I have to say, I didn't mind that it wasn't.

Green Tomato Margarita

The cocktails are decently priced as you can see from the list below:

Foxy Brown No. 2 el jimador tequila, mint, ginger, lime, grapefruit, honey

Fair Lady aperol, plymouth gin, lemon, st germain, honey, orange bitters, champagne

Jones St. Daiquiri blackwell rum, old overholt rye, lime, honey, aphrodite bitters

Graffiti Green beefeater gin, green bell pepper, basil, lime, agave

Sour No. 9 beefeater gin, averna, st germain, lemon, egg white, blood orange bitters

El Padron pueblo viejo tequila, fresh grapefruit, cholula, lime, orange bitters

Polish Pear Sour pear-infused zubrowka, lemon, honey, egg white

Green Tomato Margarita green tomato-infused el jimador, lime, agave


The only disappointment I had (and it is very minimal) is that I wanted to try the barrel aged Buffalo Smoker which contained Illegal Joven Mezcal, Zubrowska Vodka, lime and oleo sacchrum. The batch they had in the barrel had finished so I would have to wait until the next batch is ready. Guess I have another reason to go back to ACME. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a cool and relaxed environment to have a few cocktails.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla