Monday, July 1, 2013

Paloma Kick at Cowgirl Seahorse

The Bleecker Street Bar family had the rare night together last week in celebrating Alice's going away dinner at Cowgirl Seahorse last week. If you've never been to Cowgirl Seahorse, they are a cajun and southern fare restaurant which is located way down in lower Manhattan in an area that was devastated by Superstorm Sandy last October. With classic lower Manhattan bars and restaurants like the Bridge Cafe and the Paris Cafe closed due to the damage caused by Sandy, it is good to see a vibrant place like Cowgirl Seahorse up and running.

In terms of cocktails, Cowgirl has a very diverse cocktail menu and one particular cocktail stood out to me. I decided to try the Paloma Kick. Here is how it is made:
Paloma Kick
Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila
Fresh Lime Juice
Fresh Grapefruit
I've had the Tanteo Jalapeño tequila before during my excursions to Bailey's when Pete is bartending. The tequila has a nice little kick to it and I found that it was balanced nicely by the other ingredients. It had a nice sweet and spicy flavor profile. I like how it is served in a mason jar with a handle, which made Melvin jealous since his cocktail had a handle-less mason jar. Heidi ordered one after I let her taste mine and her's came back tasting differently. It seemed like it was missing the sweetness part of it. So to be honest, I'm not sure which one was the official Paloma Kick, but I have to say that I believe mine was. I liked it.

The Bleecker Street Bar Family
Alice and Justin, we wish you the best of luck in your new business and family endeavors. As for me, I look forward to making another trip out west to see you in Northern California. Good luck and much love to you both.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla