Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SiscoVanilla At The Movies

I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. While I have this online persona known as SiscoVanilla who is involved in cocktails, spirits and libations, the real me (I say that and can hear Morpheus of the Matrix say to me "What is real". Go figure) doesn't particularly want to drink aside from the little 1/4 shot sipper (with a rock) of Bulleit Rye that I might have while at work. Add to that issue, I still want to write about cocktails, spirits and libations. What to do. I was sitting at home watching Enter the Dragon (1973) when something came to mind. I had an idea: "SiscoVanilla at the movies". 

In order to substitute the drinks that I am not consuming, I'll be watching movies with a special eye to find what cocktails, spirits and libations are being presented and consumed on screen. I think it will be an interesting way to see what was in style during the time the movie was filmed but also in the era that the movie is representing. If a specific spirit is served and/or a cocktail is ordered, I'll try to shed some light on it. Maybe I'll catch an error in terms of what is being served. 

Agent Braithwaite (Geoffrey Weeks) picks up a bottle of
Johnnie Walker Red Label in Enter the Dragon
Now I'm sure my relative dry spell will disappear and I'll be back in bars and lounges tasting this or that in due time. For now, I guess I'll just kick back and catch a few flicks. Feel free to send me some recommendations on movies to watch. First on the slate: Ian Fleming's Dr. No from 1962. 

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla