Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SiscoVanilla is Peachy Keen...or is he Part II

This is the second part of Peach flavored cocktail posts found on the internet. My previous post SiscoVanilla is Peachy Keen...or is he Part I focused on the Peach Bourbon Cooler. Today's post focuses on a cocktail entitled Georgia meet Bermuda: Peach Sweet Tea & Rum which I found on the Three Beans of a String website.

Unlike the last cocktail that called for muddled peaches, this one just seems to calls for it to just insert the peach slices into the cocktail.

Here is the recipe she used:
¾ cup (6oz) sweet tea
½ TBSP lime simple syrup
1½ shots black rum
3-4 slices of fresh peaches

In a glass filled with crushed ices, layer the ingredients above in order of sweet tea, simple syrup, rum. Add sliced peaches, stirring optional, and sip away
She mentions in the article that while in Bermuda she had Gosling's Black Rum. For my cocktail I used what I had handy: Cruzan Black Strap Rum. I didn't use lime simple syrup (or any simple syrup for that matter), since I felt that using the Cruzan Black strap with the sweet tea, adding another sweetener would just be redundant. If you like it sweet, then more power to you.

This is how I made mine:
6oz sweet tea
1.5oz Cruzan Black Strap Rum
3 peach slices
2 lime wedges

In a glass full of ice, pour in the sweet tea, layer with peach slices, squeeze lime wedges and float the black strap rum over the top (as you would with in a Dark and Stormy)
I have to say that I really couldn't tell where the peaches sat in this cocktail. I didn't seem as if they made any difference. Are they there for flavoring or just for visual effect. I can see the tea having a different profile if the peaches were boiled with the tea water and/or infused in the hot water as the tea bags steeped. But the peaches just seemed like unnecessary overkill.

I made a second one with the same proportions (this time without the peaches) and found that I didn't couldn't tell the difference in the cocktail with or without peaches. That's not to say that the cocktail isn't something that can't be enjoyed. I found that once it kind of settled and melded together, there was a nice spiciness it.

I would think that a Gosling's or even a Spiced Rum such as the Bacardi Oakheart would stand out better and play nicer in the cocktail than the Cruzan Black Strap Rum I used. The sweet tea, which I made with the recommended black tea bags is very tasty. I'll definitely make some more of the tea in the future. Here is the recipe she listed for her Sweet Tea:
Sweet Tea
5 liters of water
10 black tea bags
4 cups sugar

Bring water to a boil. Add tea bags and sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. Remove tea bags. Cool and serve.
Thanks to Alison for the recipe for the sweet tea and I have to say that for now, I've given up trying to use peaches in a cocktail. They just don't seem to work for me. Since I have so much free time on my hands these days, any recommendations? Feel free, drop me a line siscovanilla@gmail.com. Let me know what you think.

Until Then Happy Drinking,