Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Asian Pear Vodka Infusion

In keeping with the infusion portion of this blog, I decided to follow through on my ideas to make a pear flavored vodka. I decided that I wanted to use Asian pears in the infusion. What I didn't realize that Asian pears are both huge and expensive. Momma-San picked up a half dozen pears at $2.89 a pound at the Fairway near her job. So at nearly $18 dollars, this would be my most expensive infusion.

According to the article What Are the Benefits of Asian Pears? on the Healthy Eating blogpage, Asian pears have a texture similar to apples and are rich with fiber, potassium, Vitamins C and K and copper. So we'll be getting out vitamins in while getting our drink on? Well, that might be stretching things a bit. But the Asian pear is a very sweet and juicy fruit that I hope will transfer its properties to the vodka.

I took two of the pears and with my trusty (and dangerous) mandolin slicer cut the pears into thin slices. I actually decided to use one and a half pears. What happened to the other half? Well I ate it. I can see where the similarities to apples comes from. The Asian pear is actually quite dense, very sweet and juicy. I placed the pear slices in the jar and muddled them slightly with a muddler to have their juices released.

After muddling the pears, I added 750 ml worth of vodka to the jar, gave it a good shake and put it away in the dark kitchen cabinet with the Pomegranate Infused Liqueur I'm working on.

I'll come back to the Asian Pear Vodka infusion in a few days when I see some changes. In my next post, I want to highlight a cocktail that Pete found in a Sauza Hornitos advertisement called the Midnight Masquerade.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla