Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

I don't often find that I taste something new and find that no matter how much I try to look at it objectively, I can't find anything redeeming about it. This is how I feel about the Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey.

Being the first flavored variation of the good old number 7 Tennessee whiskey, the Tennessee Honey is playing into the whole Honey Whiskey kick that seems to be making its rounds as of late. The spirit is more of a sweeter and nuttier version of the original Jack Daniel's. The preferred way to drink the shot as per the website is as a chilled shot. So how does it taste like.

I have to be honest, the spirit has a weird taste that I can't quite seem to place. I don't find it very sweet at the first taste. I do seem to taste the Jack somewhat on my tongue. The honey is taste and aroma is very subtle. It doesn't seem to be very syrupy but there is a certain consistency to the Honey whiskey that is hard to describe.

I decided to make a mixed drink out of it to keep it simple. Here is what came up with:
Jack Honey and Lemonade
2oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
Lemonade to Fill

Build over ice and serve.
The cocktail has the same weird taste that I couldn't quite place. The lemonade does nothing to hinder nor help the Tennessee Honey. Perhaps the Tennessee Honey doesn't mix well with the Lemonade but I find that it to be quite syrupy. It feels like it left a film on my tongue. Yuck.

This is definitely a version of Jack Daniel's that I have no interest in drinking again. The Bushmills Honey still is the better Honey whiskey on the market that I have tasted. I do have a few samples of the Wild Turkey Honey so I'll try to get to it soon enough.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla