Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coquito Time Take Two

The results of the last Sunday's first batch of coquito have come in and it seems that I need to tweak my recipe. Why? Well if you can believe it folks, it is too strong in terms of the rum portion used. Yes, I said it, it was too strong. Now mind you, Momma-San took a bottle to her job for their holiday party and said it was strong though it was polished off in record time. The second bottle that was in my fridge was tasted by Juju, Stella and Momma-San and though it was strong, half of it was gone by the time I got to it. So I decided to taste my concoction. What did I think of it?

The Coquito thickened up nicely. It was very aromatic and (after giving it a good shake) the first two glasses were strong in terms of alcohol but quite pleasant. The last remaining Coquito in the bottle was a different story. That little bit may have had the concentrated effect of the rums that settled to the bottom, as well as, the cinnamon sticks that stay at the bottom. It was potent. After a few sips I was definitely feeling it. At that point I decided that I needed to rework the recipe. There's nothing wrong with a little kick, but it shouldn't dominate or overpower the flavor of the Coquito. But there was a bit of a hitch: I already had two more batches in the fridge that I had made earlier in the day. What to do. I came up with the following plan:

Make a batch without the rums and cinnamon syrup and incorporate it into the existing batches at a ratio of about 2-1 with the "2" being the alcoholic portion of the coquito.

At a quick taste of the combined batches, the rum and cinnamon flavors seemed to be toned down. Before I can make a final determination, I need to leave the batch in the fridge for about a day or so to see how the flavors mix. I'll report on it as soon as I taste it.

Until Then Happy Drinking
Sisco Vanilla