Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Cider Cocktails Sisco Style

I'll be the first to admit that I am not the kind of drinker that appreciates a hot cocktail. My expertise on hot alcoholic cocktails consists on pouring some Creme de Cacao and Kahlua into my coffee for flavoring. But since we are in the Holiday season, I've decided to give a try at making some cocktails with Cider. But before I decide to work on some hot cocktails, I'm going to work on three cold cocktails containing a particular cider concoction I came up with.

Momma-San was so nice to bring home a big bottle of Pear Cinnamon cider from Trader Joe's the other day and I found myself with some freshly squeezed Tangerine juice and decided to take the advice of my friend Chris and use the juice in a type of Cider of sorts. Here is what I came up with:
Sisco's Holiday Cider
7oz Trader Joe's Pear Cinammon Cider
3oz Freshly Squeezed Tangerine Juice
One Whole Cinammon Stick Broken
Two Whole Cloves
Freshly grated Nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in a pot, set to a boil and lower and simmer. Put aside and let cool.
After the Cider cooled down, I put it in a glass jar and refrigerated it for about two or three days. It had a nice Orange color and was very aromatic. There was one issue, Momma-San is not very fond of Cloves. But I decided that I would try to make her a couple of cocktails and see if she changed her mind. For the first one I used her favorite rum: Bacardi Oakheart. For the second cocktail, I decided to crack open the combination of the double infused Black Plum Vodka with Cinnamon and Vanilla. I decided on making a third cocktail for which I used the long standing infusion of Honey Cinnamon Vodka.

(From Left to Right) Honey Cinnamon and Black Plum Cinnamon and Vanilla
As you can see from the picture right above, the Honey Cinnamon Vodka (on the left) and the Black Plum Cinnamon Vanilla Vodka (on the right) have taken on deep rich colors and are very aromatic. So how did the Cider play with the spirits? Well take a look at the picture below to see what they looked like then I'll describe each and every one:

(From Left to Right) Cider with Bacardi Oakheart, Black Plum and Honey Cinnamon
As you can see each spirit mixed differently with the cider. I used the same ratio of 2oz. of the Sisco's Holiday Cider and 2oz. of the spirit in each cocktail. The Oakheart darkened it somewhat while the mixing with Black Plum and Honey Cinnamon vodkas gave the Cider a darker more thicker consistency. Unfortunately for Momma-San, she wasn't really feeling either of the first two cocktails so I (for the sake of scientific research, seriously) ended up having all three cocktails.

First the Oakheart. I found this cocktail to be very light. Not something that I would say felt very seasonal for winter. There were some flavor tones of the Cinnamon but nothing really seemed to "pop". It was tasty but not what I was looking for. Then I had the Cider with the Black Plum Cinnamon and Vanilla Infused Vodka. This one was definitely zestier compared to the Oakheart cocktail. It seemed to be richer and much more flavorful and aromatic with the Cinammon and Vanilla coming out into the forefront. Next was the Cider with Honey Cinammon. This one took the cake. As it was, the Honey Cinnamon Vodka was thick from the Honey and very aromatic from the Cinnamon sticks that were infusing it the Vodka from the end of May until now. Mixed with the Cider, it definitely gave me that Holiday season feeling. This cocktail felt like Christmas!!! It was rich, smelled amazing and was sweet. My sister would definitely like this cocktail. I might have start working on another infusion to replace what I believe will be a fast disappearing infusion.

Next on the table is a warm cider concoction that I'll be working on.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla