Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Round of Infusions

For this round of infusions I've decided to take a different path on what to infuse. Up to now I have been primarily using vodka as the infusing spirit. With the exception of the Blackberry Vodka (which was not very fruit flavored) every other infusion has worked to or exceeded expectations. Aside from the Vodka infusions this round, I have also started two Rum infusions. Here we go.

Strawberry Kiwi Infused Vodka

Based on the relative success with the Strawberry Infused Vodka, I've decided to go back to Strawberries and this time I've added Kiwifruit into the mix. I'll admit, I've had very limited exposure to Kiwifruit and actually needed to research the fruit. Here is what I found out about it from the World's Healthiest Fruit website:
The kiwifruit is a small fruit approximately 3 inches long and weighing about four ounces. Its green flesh is almost creamy in consistency with an invigorating taste reminiscent of strawberries, melons and bananas, yet with its own unique sweet flavor.

Three days in the strawberries have started to lose their color in the vodka and have floated to the top while the Kiwifruit are also losing some of their color and are at the bottom of the jar. I'll give this a few weeks before cracking it open and giving it a taste.

Black Plum Infused Vodka

Black plums are also another fruit that I do not have much experience with aside from prunes. From what I've read, plums have a very light and sweet texture and flavor. Since prunes are considered "drupes" (fruits that have a hard stone pit surrounding their seeds) and are relatives to Peaches which I had a good result in infusing it in Vodka, I decided what the heck let's infuse some Black Plum in some Vodka.

As with the Strawberry Kiwi Infused Vodka, I'll wait a few weeks before cracking it open and seeing what it tastes like.

Strawberry Infused Rum

This is the first time I deviate from the Vodka model for infusions. I decided to use Castillo Rum for the infusion and since I had extra strawberries I decided to make a Strawberry flavored rum. I'm thinking that this world work wonders in a Strawberry Piña Colada to end the summer season. Any suggestions?

Already the rum has started turning red and the strawberries floating to the top.

Vanilla Infused Rum

This is the one that intrigues me the most since my nom-de-plume contains Vanilla extract I've been wanting to do a Vanilla flavored infusion. Why rum? Something about the rum and vanilla flavor seems to go hand-in-hand. Well, we'll see if they really do go hand-in-hand or just clash.

As you can seem the rum has already taken on a darker color due to the immersion of the Vanilla bean in the spirit. I put one whole bean in cut in half and I scraped the inside of a second bean and placed that in the rum. That is the reason for the sediment at that bottom of the jar. I am really looking forward to playing around with this infusion. Again, any suggestions on what I can use the Vanilla Rum with?

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla