Monday, August 13, 2012

The Black 7

I recently took an impromptu day trip to Boston to meet up with my friends the Harpers and Daniel at the home of the Boston Red Sox: Fenway Park. You can read about my thoughts and exploits on my other blog page in the post: On The Way to Boston Part I. In that first post I mention that I capped the day and prepped for my trip by having a few post laundry cocktails. One such cocktail is a simple cocktail that I've dubbed The Black 7. Here is the recipe:
The Black 7
1.5oz of Bacardi Black Razz
Diet 7-up to Fill

Build over ice and serve.
See, simple enough to make and super tasty. The Black Razz's flavorful punch of taste blooms with the light citrusy bubbles of the Diet 7-up aiding the Black Razz to float to the surface. Its a great cocktail to have when just sitting around shooting the breeze after a long and eventful day which is what I did. I had a couple of cocktails while in Boston so I'll be talking about those in the next few days.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla