Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cayrum Honey and Ginger Infused Rum

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The other night I briefly popped into Tom and Jerry's to say hello to my buddy Chris and noticed they had a bottle next to one of the many Tom and Jerry punch bowls with the name of Cayrum. Chris was gracious enough to pass me the bottle for inspection. On the top of the label it said "Hecho A Mano En La Republica Dominicana". Now that caught my attention. The label also said made by the "Kane Family Rum Company" and along the bottom the label said "A PREMIUM RUM INFUSED with NATURAL HONEY AND GINGER" It is an 80 proof rum (40% ALC./Vol).

I found an interview online done by Pavol Kazimir of the website of Cayrum distiller Todd Kane from June 2, 2012. In the interview, Kane states that after testing their infusion process on a number of different rums, the rum they chose to use is a 3-year old rum produced by the Barcelo Rum company. The Cayrum product is being made in the town of Cabarete. Cabarete is located in the Puerto Plata province which is one of the biggest tourist destinations of the Dominican Republic. So knowing that the product is Dominican made on the island here is what my impressions of the rum.

I had Maz pour me a little taster. He poured himself a little as well. His instant critique of the Cayrum didn't bode well for my tasting. He said the rum "smelled like soap". Keeping that in mind and not letting that sway my open mind, I decided to venture forward with the taste. The rum has a nice golden color to it and is somewhat thick and syrupy. I found that the rum was more honey flavored than ginger. It had a somewhat sweet smell and taste but nothing that I found that would make me say WOW!!! I figured that it would probably be best enjoyed as a mixer. Kane states in his interview that the Cayrum is better served as so:
We find that the best way to serve is chilled in a chilled shot. It is a great digestive. If you are more a cocktail type we definitely suggest the Spicy – Kiki cocktail.
I checked their website to find the recipe for the Spicy-Kiki cocktail. Here it is:
Cayrum Rum
Muddled Cilantro and Serrano Peppers
Lime Juice
Simple Syrup
A Splash of Soda
I feel bad. I really want to support products from the Motherland. But I don't think that I'll be running out to buy a bottle to keep at home. Am I game to try something made with Cayrum? Absolutely. Maybe I'll find a cocktail that is better suited to my palate and makes a better impression of the Cayrum to me. Here is the webpage that has the recipes for Cayrum mixed drinks.

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