Friday, May 31, 2013

Strawberry Caipirinhas

In a bit of a twist from my last post, I decided to make a fruity kind of Caipirinha this time around. Having bought strawberries the other day, a Strawberry Caipirinha sounded like something I wanted to try. For this cocktail, I decided to fiddle around with the original recipe that I used for the Caipirinha and came up with the following:

Strawberry Caipirinha
2 oz. Leblon Cachaça
2 tsp. superfine sugar
1 large or 2 small strawberries cut into quarters
1/2 lime, cut into wedges
Muddle the strawberries, lime and sugar in a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and add Leblon Cachaça. Shake vigorously and strain into a rocks glass. Add the lime pieces and some of the muddled strawberry and add ice. Stir.
The first attempt had too many strawberry pieces in the cocktail making it very chunky. I found that straining the cocktail into the glass and adding a few pieces of muddled strawberries with the lime pieces from the mixing glass and ice afterwards made for a cocktail that was easier to drink. I like the light fruitiness that the strawberries give the Caipirinha. I found the original Caipirinha to be light but the muddled fruit gives the cocktail a bit of body.

This is a good cocktail to have in this summer-like weather we are currently having in NYC. I've seen a few recipes for a Kiwi Caipirinha online. Luckily for me I also bought some Kiwi fruit the other day.

My next post will be a variation of a cocktail recipe that was posted by Ginny Tonic: Strawberry Bourbon Fizz.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla