Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blueberry Ginger Vodka Cocktails

Today I popped the lid off the Blueberry Ginger Vodka infusion that I have been working on. The aroma was amazing. The Ginger just took over the Vodka. It smells strong and spicy. The Vodka has a nice deep blue purple color due to the Blueberries.

I decided to keep the first drink I make simple. Here is what I made:
Blueberry Ginger and Soda
1.5oz Blueberry Ginger infused vodka
Club Soda

In a glass with ice pour in vodka. Fill remained with club soda.
The cocktail was very light. The spicy flavor of the ginger is clear on the tongue with some subtle tones of the Blueberry at the end. I feel a nice tingle to the back of my tongue. I like the sensation I get with each bubbly taste and that's saying something since I am not fan of club soda. If you want something a little sweeter maybe a Diet 7-or a Diet Ginger Ale would help to boost up the sweetness levels.

I decided to take different take with the following recipe:
1 1/4oz Blueberry Ginger infused Vodka
1/4 Grand Marnier
Squeeze of a Lime Wedge
Soda Water to Fill

Build over ice in a glass. Shake quickly, add more ice, top with Soda Water and serve.
How does it taste?

The Grand Marnier adds a subtle sweetness that the earlier cocktail did not have. The lime juice also lurks around in the background adding a slight tart layer to the strong flavor that the ginger gave the Vodka infusion. To be honest, I think the only thing the Blueberries gave was some coloring. Of the four flavors, the Blueberries are the least noticeable. I find that the second cocktail is a much more balanced drink than the first one unless you like a more ginger taste and feel to your cocktails. Overall, it is a refreshing cocktail to have to remember that Summer is gone and Autumn has arrived.

Speaking of Autumn, I've been researching some interesting cocktails that I will look forward to making and profiling. So get ready for some more darker and robust cocktails that are soon to come.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla