Thursday, October 25, 2012

La Cucaracha Shot

Sometimes during my travels and adventures I come across the most weirdest of drinks. Here's the case of one such drink. I was out with Momma-San Tuesday night on the rare date night without the kids. Where I had the idea of going downtown to visit some bar friends of mine, my being tired from a long stretch of having worked 11 of 12 nights, I decided to stay local in the Bronx. We decided on Willie's Steakhouse on Westchester Avenue for drinks and food. My sister joined us a couple of hours later and we were having a good time doing shots. The gentleman sitting to my right saw that we were doing shots and asked if I had ever tried the Cucaracha shot. This peaked my interest.

Now I normally wouldn't do a shot like the Cucaracha shot but just like with the post on the Nutcracker, sometimes you have to just throw caution to the wind, try something new and live a little. So here I am revisiting Bacardi 151 as I did in the Flaming Dr. Pepper post. Here is how the shot is made:
La Cucaracha Shot
1oz Vodka
1oz Kahlua
Bacardi 151 float

Build in a shot glass. Float Bacardi 151 on top. Light with a match. Stick a straw down to the bottom (while still lit) and suck it up.

Now this can also be called a Flaming Black Russian since the two main ingredients of this shot are the ingredients that make up a Black Russian. So how was it? It tasted like a Black Russian. LOL. Sorry, it was quite tasty. Can't beat the coffee flavor of the Kahlua. I even add it to my coffee at work to give my joe a bit more of a coffee flavor. So I would definitely recommend it to someone who is daring.

But I had one question that no one at the bar seemed to know the answer to. Why is it called "La Cucaracha"? Any ideas?

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla