Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sitting on the Dock of Sisco Bay

Here we are on the cusp of the arrival of the Frankenstorm in NYC and I find myself with a rare four day weekend. Since the MTA is closing the subways at 7pm and stopping bus service at 9pm getting into the city from the Bronx will be somewhat difficult. So I was given a staycation and a chance to rest and do some writing...and some drinking too. For today's post, I've decided to make a cocktail that my friend Izzie Steele recommended to me.

Before I go into the cocktail, I just wanted to thank Izzie and give her a quick shoutout. She is an up and coming actress who will be featured in an upcoming episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The episode will air on November 14th at 9pm. Make sure to check her out. On to the cocktail.

So the cocktail is called 'Sisco Bay and here is how the recipe calls for its creation:

'Sisco Bay
1.5 oz of Citron Vodka (I used Ketel One Citron)
4oz Sour Mix (I used the Homemade Sweet and Sour)
Splash of Cranberry Juice
Splash of Orange Juice
Splash of Lemonade

Pour the vodka, sour mix and cranberry juice into a shaker, shake with ice and strain into an ice filled glass. Top with orange juice and lemonade. Place a slice of lemon in to the glass as garnish.

I wish I could say that I thoroughly enjoyed this cocktail but I gave Momma-San a sip and she just took the glass with her. LOL. Like the Mikey of Chex fame "She Likes It". The cocktail has a nice tartness with a hint of sweetness with a light pink color that is very light and refreshing. I can definitely see someone sitting with their legs dangling over the side of the dock on the bay, watching the tide roll away...wasting time (Thanks to Otis Redding for the wonderful words and Izzie Steele for the recipe).

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I didn't seem to realize when I bought the orange juice that I had actually bought an orange mango juice blend. I'm not sure how it would change the taste of the cocktail from the original recipe. I guess I'd have to experiment to find out.