Thursday, June 14, 2012

Le Cocktail De Citron Rose Framboise

Pardon my attempts at getting fancy when naming a drink. I made this particular drink for Momma-San last night and the best she could come up with was the Sisco Drink Special. Now, as awesome as that sounds I kind of wanted something that would describe the flavors that make up that this simple but refreshing cocktail. Plus we all know that anything that is in French sounds so much more sophisticated. Non? Oui!!!!! Laissez-nous continuer. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: just for the record, I am not fluent in French. Not in the least. So if I screw something up, blame the Google Translate App, LOL. Plus I'm watching a documentary called Absinthe on Netflix which has quite a bit commentary in French. So the only think that I'm missing is a beret. But I digress).

The cocktail is made simply in this manner:

Le Cocktail De Citron Rose Framboise
1oz. Raspberry Infused Vodka
1oz. Limoncello
1oz. Homemade Sour Mix
Ginger Ale

Build over ice and top with Ginger Ale.
See, very simple. As you can see from the picture, the cocktail has a very pretty pink color and a subtly sweet taste. I think the key here is the homemade sour mix. It gives the drink a natural taste that I think would not be found if using a sour mix "from the gun" or in an "over the counter mix". The raspberry, lemon and lime flavors play off each other nicely and the ginger ale gives it a little effervescence.

This cocktail is light enough to have over ice as I did, as well, in a chilled cocktail glass. I recommend that you make one and tell me what you think.

Until Then, Happy Drinking
Sisco Vanilla