Friday, June 15, 2012

This Week's Infusions

For this week's infusions I decided to take a somewhat different tact from my prior infusions. Sitting in the cabinet with my Honey Vodka Infusion and my almost three weeks old Strawberry Vodka Infusion, I decided to make an infusion with a vegetable. I thought to myself, which veggie would work well in an infusion. Something about making a carrot cake flavored cocktail or an orange carrot combination seemed natural to me. So for the first infusion, I've started on a Carrot Vodka infusion. I think I'm going to leave this infusion in the cabinet for about a month and see what comes out.

The second infusion came about through a conversation with @Whiskylassie on Twitter. She's a Canadian whisky blogger from New Brunswick whose page is The Perfect Whisky Match with her partner in crime @grahammackenney. Check their page out. Its pretty witty and very informative on the world of Whisky. The conversation came about when we were talking about the MeKhong Thai Spirit post from last weekend. We were discussing what flavors might work well with the MeKhong and a few that came up were Ginger and Mango. Since I'm on the look out for a Diet Ginger Beer. I find Ginger Beer way too sweet and its sugar content is fairly high per serving. So until I find some, ginger is a bit out of the equation.

The other day I was in the supermarket and saw these nice big Mexican Mangoes and said "A-ha! There is my new infusion ingredient". So I think I'll be infusing the Mango with Vodka for at least two weeks or so and see what develops. On the MeKhong front, I'm hoping my friend Ace who tends bar at the Thai Pavilion in Astoria, Queens can scrounge me up a bottle soon. If you guys are ever in Astoria and are looking to Thai food, go ahead to both Thai Pavilion locations. The food and ambiance are excellent. So I guess I'll be playing the waiting game.

Until then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla