Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The New York Bar and Restaurant Show

Yesterday I attended the New York Bar and Restaurant Show with my friends Harper and Megan at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center.

Now I thought that I would be able to score some cool swag. To be honest, I didn't get much in the way of that aside from a three piece bar shaker and music CD from the good people of The Rums of Puerto Rico. Gracias hermanos.

Where the strength of the show lay was in its exhibitors and the samples that they were pouring for anyone who inquired about their products. There was much to be tasted and I did my best to do so. Though they served between a half to one ounce in a tasting, add those up over almost three hours and that's quite a bit of booze. Please excuse me for being a bit fuzzy on what I tasted since I consumed a wide variety of spirits and I stopped taking notes on what I drank. LOL. So here are the highlights of what I drank yesterday, who makes it and what I thought of it. Click on the link for more information on the product(s).

- Wild Shot Mezcal and a Blue Mezcalita by Toby Keith
- A delicious Blackberry Mojito made with Ron Diplomatico
- Michelob Ultra Cider and Light Iced Tea
- Colombian made 12 and 20 year version of Dictator Rum smooth/smoky
- Australian South Seas Rum straight and with Ginger Beer/Jamaican Bitters as a Partial Cloudy very smooth
- Cold Steel Vodka Had it warm and it was one of the smoothest vodka I've ever had.
- Bootlegger 21 New York Vodka straight, in a Cucumber/Lime/Mint infusion and a Cucumber/Lime/Cilantro Infusion
- CocoManbu Orange Coconut and Watermelon Lime Liqueurs straight and the Watermelon Lime with Dr. pepper. Sweet and tasty.
- Ron del Barrilito straight up. Smooth full rum.
- Hiro Blue Junmai Ginjo and Red Junmai Sakes. Crisp and clear. Delicious.
- Kiri Mist Peach Flavored Sake. Different.
- Local Breuckelen Distilling's Glorious Gin, 77 Whiskey of Rye and Corn, 77 Wheat Whiskey. One of the best gins I've ever tasted.
- A Caipirinha made with Cuca Fresca Prata Cachaça. Delightful.
- Cachaça do Barão Silver and Gold straight.
- Madagascan Rhum Dzama. Silver, Gold, Overproof Silver and Overproof Gold. Very impressive rum.
- My first time having Absinthe in the form of Absente. Very very tasty.
- Colorado based Downslope Distilling Whiskey.
- Straight up taste of the smoky Mezcal Mano Negra
- A Chocolate "Milk" for adults called Naughty Cow. Scary how good it was.
- A Honey Pepper Whiskey made by Western Whiskey. Very smooth and tasty
- A very decadent and delicious cream called Forbidden Secret Dark Mocha American Cream. Momma-San would definitely love this one.
- A New Canadian Vodka on the market called Symbol Canadian Vodka
- Ron Bermudez Anejo Rum straight up.

So you can see from that list, I had alot to drink. It comes to no surprise why I was very fuzzy walking out of there. One interesting product I used was the Sidekick shot glass. It was a two part shot glass where a piece of dry ice was placed in the bottom part and a shot of the Cold Steel Vodka in the top part creating a smokey looking shot.

Here's a good way to end the afternoon of drinking. Yankees vs. Red Sox even down to the cups holding the booze.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla