Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Saunders Special

I try to keep track of what my friends like to drink and ask them to give me recommendations for postings. This one comes from my good friend Justin who has this drink in honor of his father. Mr. Saunders is the propierter of the Saunders Vineyard in Carmel Valley, California and the Vinter of Boëté Wines (pronounced bwah-TAY). Give their website a look and order some vino folks. Back to the Saunders special.

Though Mr. Saunders likes his drinks in a certain and particular manner, Justin has decided to craft a drink in honor of his father who is a former boxer in the Marines who fought against and defeated George Foreman while in the Marines. As we all know, Foreman who would eventually become an Olympic Medalist and the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. This drink is simple to make and very enjoyable. Here it is:
Saunders Special
1.5oz Stoli Vodka
1.5oz Club Soda
Splash of Orange Juice.

Build Vodka and Club Soda over ice in an old fashioned glass. Add splash of OJ for a little color.
That's it. A pretty simple way to honor one's dad. Gotta love it.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla