Thursday, July 19, 2012

Status of the Infusions

A few days ago I decided to finally work on the Strawberry Vodka infusion that I had been working on since the end of May. As I wrote about in my post Update on the Pineapple and Strawberry Vodka Infusions:
Day four of the infusion has resulted in two lightly flavored vodkas. The Pineapple vodka has taken on a lightly yellow hue and a very subtle pineapple taste. The Strawberry vodka is now a light red color and also has a light strawberry flavor to it. Its not enough.

Maybe I was spoiled by the result of my Raspberry Vodka Infusion. That one came out superb. The taste of the raspberries permeates throughout the vodka completely. I want the same for these two.

So as you can see from the picture below, the month and a half infusion resulted in a deeply colored infusion. The strawberries that I had placed in the vodka had all lost their signature red color looking rather naked without them. The aroma coming off the vodka was amazing. Probably the second most aromatic infusion I've done after the raspberry vodka infusion.

Speaking about raspberry vodka, I'm currently working on a second batch, this time using a whole bottle of vodka and a whole pack of raspberries. I've been hesitant to make any drinks with my remaining raspberry vodka until the new batch is done. Plus I have plans for it with the next infusion I am going to touch on.

The two Blueberry vodka infusions are moving quite along. The Blueberry Ginger one (on the left) is much more aromatic due to the inclusion of the Ginger. Both this one and the Blueberry Vodka are both a deep blue/purple color. Anyone have any suggestions on what cocktail I can use the Blueberry Ginger infusion in? Come on folks, I know you have ideas swirling under your hats. Come up with something and I'll make it in your honor. As for the Blueberry vodka, though it is not as strongly scented as I thought it would be I'm satisfied with how it is coming along. I'm going to give it a little more time and make A Very Berry Martini with it and the other berry vodkas that I've infused up to now.

I still have the Carrot and Mango infusions working in the cabinet not quite sure how I am going to utilize them. I expected the carrot one to be a bit more livelier and maybe it will be. I was thinking of maybe using it in a Bloody Mary type of drink while I still think the Mango infusion would be good in a Tropical Punch of the sorts that I wrote about with the Ponche Tropical from yesterday.

The Honey Vodka Infusion is just sitting there marinating. I pick it up every so often. Give it a twirl and put it right back in its spot. I'm looking to give that bad boy a taste sometime in the Autumn. I'm looking forward to some Fall flavored cocktails to warm ya'lls up in the cooler nights to come.

Last but not least is a little Peach Vodka infusion that I am working on. I had two small peaches in the house and a little bit of vodka left in the bottle so instead of letting the peaches go to waste, I decided to put this little concoction together.

A few days ago on Twitter (if you don't follow me and by the way you should @SiscoVanilla) I had a brief conversation with Alicia (@BoozedInfused) of Boozed + Infused about what can be used to infused Cachaça after posting the following article Cachaça: Beyond a One-Note Samba. What she suggested was using fresh raspberries in the Cachaça infusion for three months. Thanks Alicia, now I have another infusion idea to add to the Bacon bourbon infusion I've been teasing Johnny with since the Big Apple Barbeque Block Party. If you haven't checked her website out you should waste no time in doing so. Her infusions are unique and amazing.

Ok folks, I think that's enough writing about booze (without drinking any) at 11:45am. I have a few new recipes that I am going to test out soon so keep an eye open for them.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla