Thursday, July 26, 2012

White Chocolate Amaretto Shots

So my friend Angela the other night was mentioning that she was making White Chocolate Amaretto shots for her friend's 40th Birthday. So I see that and decide that I want to make my own shots.

Ideally, I would use the Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur and Amaretto Disaronno. But to be honest, the Godiva is a bit pricey and I don't have one handy. This is a drink that I would like to do on the cheap to get more bang for my buck. But if I was to make it with Godiva and Disaronno herer is the recipe:
White Chocolate Amaretto Shots
1oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
.5oz Amaretto Disaronno

Build over ice, shake and strain into a shot glass.
Simple enough no? Here is how I would make it with other ingredients:
White Chocolate Amaretto Shots
1oz White Creme de Cacao
.5oz Amaretto
.5oz Half and Half or Soy Milk (For those who are lactose intolerant)

Build over ice, shake and strain into a shot glass.
As you can see from the picture, the shot is nice and creamy with a stronger chocolate taste with a subtle amaretto flavor in the background. It is very light shot that anyone can have during a long night of partying, especially when Angela is partying. Right?

Happy 40th to your friend my dear. I'll be there in a few months.

Until Then, Happy Drinking
Sisco Vanilla