Thursday, July 26, 2012

The River Elixir

Close your eyes and imagine that you're floating downstream on the River Guadelupe in New Braunfels, Tx and as you float the hours away, you have a nice big jug of The River Elixir. Now you may ask what is a River Elixir. Well, folks, here is the recipe as given to me by Ms. Kelli from down in the Lone Star State.
The River Elixir
Equal Parts of Malibu Rum and Vodka
Fruit Punch to fill
Ok. I used Snapple Fruit Punch and was told that it was a little too pink. I didn't make it right. Sorry I didn't use a thicker fruit punch. I guess I'll have to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Anyways, since I have this one in front of me, how does it taste. I taste the Malibu. Its what comes out since the fruit taste of the Snapple Fruit Punch is rather subtle and as we know Vodka really doesn't have much of a taste. The Vodka is only there since I know its there. I made the drink. If you want a strong fruity drink that'll do the job of drinking such a drink then I guess this one works. For me? Not so much. This would be good as a shot. That's exactly how I'm going to finish this one off.

But as I was later told, the ingredients as were given to me may have been wrong. Where I screwed up was that I needed to use an actual fruit punch (Not Snapple, Sorry guys) and equal parts of Vodka and Bacardi Light not Malibu Rum (FYI, that's not my fault). From what I gather, its the kind of punch that one drinks that tastes like fruit punch and since both spirits have virtually no flavor, they get masked by the juice and deliver a silent blow. I am assuming that it would look more like the Red Devil I made the other night. Just like this one down here (Author's Note This is the picture of the Red Devil, Not the River Elixir):

Sorry I screwed up your drink Kelli. Let's see who comes into the bar that I can get to taste an actual River Elixir.

Until Then Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla

As an aside: For the record. Some people asked if I was upset (including Kelli) due to the tone they perceived in my post. I wasn't upset at Kelli or even myself. I just don't like to screw up any recommendations that come my way from those of you who take time out to do so. So if I came across in that manner, I apologize.