Monday, May 14, 2012

Bacardi 8 and Bacardi Select

I had an impromptu tasting on this past Mothers Day Sunday. I decided to take Momma-San out to brunch after having a Limoncello and Prosecco cocktail at home (Of which you can read about here). So after debating on where to go we ended up at Willie's Steakhouse on Westchester Avenue in The Bronx. While deciding of what to order to eat, I decided to order a Bacardi 8 on the rocks.

I've never had a taste of the Bacardi 8 before so I decide to have it on the rocks. I loved it. Loved it so much I ordered a second one. This time in a mini-snifter with a couple of rocks. According to the Bacardi website:
BACARDI® 8 is aged for more than eight years in carefully selected oak barrels. After ageing it is blended to perfection featuring notes of prunes, apricots, nutmeg and vanilla over a clean woody background of oak. Its taste is smooth, rich and very full with a long and expansive finish.

The description was very much accurate with what I smelled and tasted. The color of the liquid is of an amber or caramel consistency. It smells utterly amazing. It really hits all of the favorable aroma notes. Un Verano En Nueva York by El Gran Combo playing in the background goes well perfectly with this drink. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since I was in the festive mood, I decided to switch it up a bit. After a trip to the bar to see what other selections were available, I saw old reliable sitting on the shelf: Bacardi Select aka Bacardi Black.

Oh how I've missed missed you Bacardi Select the spirit formerly known as Bacardi Black. According to the Robert Burr, The National Rum Examiner for the in his article Bacardi Select dark rum from Puerto Rico, Bacardi Select is:
Previously labeled Bacardi Black, this deep brown 80 proof rum has rested in American White Oak for at least 4 years. Aromas of vanilla and apricot dominate the nose, along with banana and plum. Flavors of vanilla, molasses, banana and raisin lead to mild spiciness, nuts and wood. The finish is dry, only slightly sweet with a full toasted oak palette, while relatively smooth for a young rum blend.

Though dark in color, the rum exhibits light to medium body. Many enthusiasts have opined that this flavorful rum goes well with Coke. It's popular as a floater on the top of pina coladas, rum runners, zombies and planter's punch cocktails.

I find that it is a darker more richer and flavorful blend than the Eight year Bacardi though it ages for less time. The flavors bounced off of my tongue in a way that a spirit rarely does. The Select brought me back to the old NYC club days of 1995-1997. It is not least bit bitter. It is sweet and pleasurable to both the lips and nose and smooth down the throat. I have a very warm and pleasing feeling in my tummy (yes after four drinks I said tummy). I dare say that the Bacardi Select hits even more notes than the Bacardi 8 does though I have to admit that I am biased since I've enjoyed the Bacardi Select aka Black on numerous occasions. Plus the medium well steak with fried onions and tostones that I am having with my mini-snifter is making for an enjoyable Mothers Day. Imagine if it was Fathers Day. LOL

Hope all of you lively Mothers out there had a Happy Mothers Day as well as to my own Momma and my Momma-San at home. Much Cheers and Love.

Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla