Sunday, May 13, 2012

Limoncello and Prosecco with Fruit Ice Cubes on Mothers Day

In celebration of Mothers Day Momma-San and I had the kids stay with my sister. Though I was on duty Saturday night, Momma-San and I had the whole of Sunday morning to ourselves. How better to celebrate Mothers Day than to have some early afternoon cocktails. So for that purpose, I decided to refer to a recipe that I found online a few days ago on the Creative Culinary website.

The recipe called for a Limoncello and Presecco Cooler with Raspberry Ice Cubes (with a hint of Mint). I'll leave it to you to read but I have to say that the cooler was quite refreshing. I used the Pallini Limoncello and the Trevisiol Prosecco D.O.C. Extra Dry. Momma-san wasn't as keen on it as I was but since she drank it on an empty stomach, it hit her harder than it hit me. I made hers with Raspberries, while I mad mine with Blackberries.

Here are what the cocktails looked like with Momma-San partaking

Happy Mothers Day to all of you lovely Momma-San's out there

Happy Drinking on Your Special Day,
Sisco Vanilla