Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer in a Glass

I continually try to write down recipes I come across in my trusty little book as I come across them. One such recipe that I thought would be awesome this upcoming Spring and Summer is a vodka based drink called the Citronella Cooler. Here is the recipe I found for it in Mr. Boston's Official Bartender's Guide 75th Anniversary Edition:

Citronella Cooler
1oz. Citrus-flavored Vodka
1 Dash Fresh lime juice
2oz. Lemonade
1oz. Cranberry Juice
Garnish: Lime Wedge

Stir in Collins glass. Add ice and stir again. Squeeze and add lime.

As John so eloquently and accurately describe the drink: It's Like Summer In A Glass. The drink was really light and tasty. Something that I could see myself drinking at a backyard BBQ or on a veranda somewhere down South sitting in a rocking chair. It really isn't a drink that is overpowered by the Absolute Citron that I used. So if someone wants a drink that's going to feel like a mule kicked them. This isn't it. If its for serving as a cocktail at a bar or lounge, you might want to raise the amount of Vodka (as some patrons might complain that it is too weak). But if you want a simple and flavorful drink that you can enjoy this Spring and Summer at various events, this is it.

Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla