Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Quick Introduction

Just to let you gals and guys that may have stumbled on my little blog allow me to introduce myself. My name is Francisco aka Sisco Vanilla and I am a bartender at the Bleecker Street Bar which is located in the NOHO neighborhood of New York City. While I have worked as a bouncer in bars and clubs for over 15 years, I am just approaching my one year anniversary as a bartender (the Sunday of Memorial Day to be exact).

I have to say, getting behind the bar has given me a new life in the bar business and a new appreciation now that I see how things work on both sides of the bar. Though I work in what might be considered a beer and shot bar, I want to broaden my knowledge base when it comes to bartending. So through this blogpage, I intend to describe how I am going about in learning more about my trade. I intend to attend tastings and I will take it upon myself to learn new drinks and methods. If any of you have an advice, feel free to email me at

BTW, why Sisco Vanilla? Well, since I am in charge of the bar's $$$ during my shift and occasionally we bartenders partake of a shot while at work, my preferred shot is Stolichnaya Vanilla which has become affectionately known as the bar as Sisco Vanilla. Have to be responsible while behind the sticks. No?