Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Raspberry Infused Vodka Martini

Today is the day that I decided to strain and use my Raspberry infused vodka in a drink. Within the week that I infused the vodka it went from clear and virtually odorless to a nice deep red color and smelled wonderful. The smell of raspberries popped out of the mason jar that I was using to infuse the vodka. Tasting it straight up is awesome. Not bitter in the least. Now to make a cocktail out of it.

I decided to make something not very sweet and very simple to make. I decided on a Raspberry Martini since I not only have the ingredients handy, its a quick thing to make. Here is the recipe I used:

Raspberry Martini
3 oz. Raspberry Vodka
1 oz. Triple Sec
.5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
.5 oz. Simple Syrup

Combine all ingredients over ice and shake vigorously until very cold. Strain into chilled cocktail glass.
As you can see from the picture to the right, the cocktail has a nice red hue to it, taking on the color of the infused vodka. The cocktail tastes rich with Raspberry and lemon notes. I replaced the 1 oz. of sweet and sour that the original recipe called for with .5 oz. each of Fresh lemon juice and simple syrup. I think this made a big different when coming to the taste of the cocktail. It's taste varies drastically from one made let's say with Stolichnaya Raspberry and sweet and sour mix. The cocktail tastes natural, like eating a bunch of fresh raspberries without chewing on the seeds. Very much a summer cocktail. This drink gets the Momma-san seal of approval. Yes!!!!!!

Happy Drinking,
Sisco Vanilla